Best King Size Mattress For Your Bedroom

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Mattresses are some of the largest and most important purchases that we can make in our lives. In fact, if you actually take the time to think about it, most of us spend approximately one third of our lives asleep. If our sleep is optimal, you’ll not only be able to lead a much healthier lifestyle, but you’ll find yourself incredibly energetic as well.

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes and types. You should always get the largest mattress that can fit your bedroom. This wonderful king size mattress is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. It is important that your mattress retains his firmness over its lifetime however. Without a certain level of firmness i.e if it sags in certain places, you’ll find that common health problems will start to surface over time, such as having back aches and neck pain. You might occasionally find that sleeping in hotels tends to be a lot more comfortable and you feel much better rested. This is because hotels spend a huge amount of money on their mattresses and pillows in order to provide you a very comfortable sleep. Plus, one thing they don’t tell you is that their mattresses are kept in tip top condition or changed constantly to maintain their quality.

navy-blue-bedYou shouldn’t settle for a mattress that feels lumpy or saggy in any way. Mattresses usually become like this after 5-7 years of use but that does not have to be the case if you invest in a high quality mattress. Due to the myriad types of mattresses out there, we will be unable to cover each and every type of mattress. We’ll, therefore, only be talking about 2 of the best mattress types right now.

The first and most common type of mattress around is the innerspring mattress. An innerspring mattress essentially consists of a couple layers of springs or open coils, as some call them. These are layered in between 2 other paddings which will be the foundation and the uppermost upholstery layer. An additional comfort layer is sometimes inserted into the mattress to make it bouncy and softer. These mattresses have a specific layer that’s dedicated to coil springs, each of which are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer across the uppermost layer of the mattress. This allows the mattress to be shared without causing any disturbance to your partner and vice versa.

While innerspring mattresses are usually the cheapest mattress type today, they also sell the fastest for the same reason. If you’re willing to fork out a premium for the best mattress however, you should definitely check out a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses, also known as visco elastic foam mattresses, are very well known today because of the superior support that they offer to their users. This material was first used by astronauts in space to reduce the amount of pressure and heat that is felt in space. It began to be commercialized in the form of beds and pillows soon after NASA decided that such a technology would be a waste if kept a secret.

Today, some of the most high-end and expensive mattresses are made out of memory foam for the reasons mentioned above.